Welcome to Music Studio Workshop

     I'm a music creator, singer, writer, producer, perennial student and teacher.  Music is my love. I've been fortunate to have recorded and performed with truly gifted and accomplished producers and musicians in the music world. I've been a student, as well as an artist, at each turn, each gig and each session.

     I've also had the good fortune and opportunity to teach and workshop other students and to share what I've experienced, learned and developed in singing, in music creation, in recording and in production.  

     If you've always felt a strong desire to sing and to create, I believe that's a compass. There's something in you that wants or needs expression that way, whether as a professional, as an artist, or just for the fun, the love and the release of it. I love! helping other singers find their voice.

    If you'd like to explore songwriting as well, and explore finding your voice as a writer, I offer private lessons and workshops in music creation. Discovering and opening the door to the songwriter in me was one of the most exciting times in my life. It brings me a lot of joy to help someone else navigate that journey.  
    I am welcoming new students.

    Lessons are available as one to one sessions, designed in workshop series that carve a path to your own vocal and musical discovery.  
    After assessing and discussion in our orientation session, we tailor the workshop course for your individual goals and progress.  
    All styles, all levels. Shy beginners warmly welcomed.  


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