Creative Voice   


An 8 Week Workshop

Starting with relaxtion and breathing basics,

moving through developing an understanding of how voice production works,

creating awareness of and practicing good vocal health to preserve your instrument,

learning a consistent and fun practice routine,

slowly building strength, agility, tone and vocal fitness,

learning mind body connections in music,

finding your own intuitive musical sense and unique voice,

exploring performance and finding/sharing the joy of your own musical expression -

this workshop is a creative exploration of your vocal instrument and the singer within you.

On a budget? Want to buddy up for support?

Bring a friend to share the cost and double the motivators.

Vocal Interpretation and Performance Workshop  

A 6 Week Workshop

This workshop focuses in depth on how to approach

performing a vocal, in studio or in a live setting,

vocal and lyric interpretation,


creative intent,

finding your natural voice as an artist,

microphone technique,

finding the sweet spot,

capturing your best take in studio,

creating authentic moments live,

creating a shared experience.

All autumn sessions are one to one.

Group workshops will be added in the winter sessions for current students.